Eating with Family

It seems to some people that we eat just to sustain our lives,so what matters most is not
whether we eat meals with our families,but whether we eat.However,what they neglect is that eating meals with our families regularly sometimes makes the families more harmonious,and usually makes us have some lessons from our parents.
In our lives,there are always some quarrels happened among the members of the family.We get angry easily because parents don't always satisfy what we need.When in childhood,we always want what others have due to curiosity,such as PSP,Ipad,and MP3,etc.If parents don't meet our demands,we feel depressed and even so angry at our parents that we don't wanna talk with them anymore.However,when parents prepare some delicious dishes on the table ,we become happy again and even want to help parents do more houseworks.It is the same case with parents.They quarrels more with the increase of working pressure.Surprisingly,they sometimes get alone well again quickly when they eat meals together,because eating meals together provides a chance for them eating meals together regularly is an effective way to make the lives of our families more harmonious.
Eating meals together may also makes the children have lessons from parents.As we all know,parents are more experienced than us in many aspects and consequently are a good educator to some extend.Limited as the time of a meal is,it is enough for parents to give some valuable advice for us.Remember the day when i failed the college entrance exam and i felt so helpless that i didn't want to meet anybody else.It is only during the meal time that I become a little be happy and even confident.At table ,my parents told me "where there   is a will ,there is a way".These simple words helps me overcome the most difficult time .From then on ,I bear it in my mind all the time .Every time I failed to pass the exams or felt lost in my lives ,I always thought about the words my parents told me.Although we have lessons from...