My Last Day


My entire family gathers in the house to say their last word to me, as I was preparing to leave to leave.   Simply because am the first one in my family to leave for overseas.   I could bear hold my tears not to mention my mum.
“How are you going live”?   “What are you going to do school or job”? Those were the question floating the air as we were discussing.   But within myself I was just thinking about the US.   Seeing myself watching the tall skyscraper.
It all started on a Friday Nov 21, 2009.   I was about to leave everything behind and take another great adventure in my life.   As the fowl crow for the early morning, I was the first to get up from bed and prepared for the early Morning Prayer.   After praying I went back to bed to continue my sleep, unfortunately I was not able to.   I therefore decided to get up and prepare myself and do some other things.   I wanted to buy the outfit which am going wear for my special trip.   My cousin who came purposely to witness and share some time with me before I leave, to my surprise have bought me a nice dress from Guinea, which make me look like as a Prince.   Guinea is the country where both my parent came from and it is the neighboring country of ours. It is like seven hours drive from both capitals. We therefore went out to say good bye to some relatives.
After two months of getting my Visa to come to the US, It was one of my happiest moments I can recall, but also which is going to make me to leave my entire lovely family.   The time I get my Visa came as a surprise, because I have submitted my papers for more than one year.
After about an hour and a half of parading from one relatives house to another, it was time for me take that bubble and cold shower that I won’t be taking there for a long time. As a Muslim, the Friday was important to us as the Sunday worship is for the Christian. After taking shower, I went to the Mosque directly for prayers. Unknowly to my knowledge it was my father who was...