Pdhpe- the Determinants of Health

The determinants of health

- Determined by more than just biology and lifestyle choices.
Major determinants are:
• Individual factors
• Socio- cultural factors
• Socio- economic factors
• Environmental factors
(Above) determinants do not exist in isolation; they impact our health together, often with one determinant influencing the other, e.g.: so our health status is a result of a complex interaction between the determinants.  
They also help to explain and predict trends in health, e.g.: they provide reasons why some individuals and groups have better or worse health than others.
There are large gaps in the standard of living in Australia, e.g.: some groups in society have much greater chance in achieving full health potential as a result of their life circumstances or their determinants.

Individual factors
Knowledge, skills and attitudes
- The ability to acquire knowledge about health and develop health and develop health-related skills is a powerful determinant in health.
- Referred to as “Heath Literacy” and it enables a person to recognise health problems (in themselves and others), make choices about behaviours and access health services when required.
- Our knowledge of health comes from a variety of sources: family, peers, teachers, the internet and the media.
- Health literacy: enables people to gain access information, understand it and use it to maintain good health. Also allowing people to determine the accuracy and reliability of the information.
- People’s health related skills; health knowledge and attitudes towards heath can influence their behaviours and impact their present and future health.
- Being informed on health risks can motivate people to choose health enhancing behaviours.
- Hereditary is determined by our chromosomal make-up, the genes that were passed on to us by our parents.
- To achieve a certain level of health can be impacted by our hereditary
- Certain diseases are also known to be...