Healthy Eating Plan

Healthy Eating Plan Comparison

University of Phoenix
May 25, 2009

Healthy Eating Plan
When I first started this class I had no idea of what eating good consisted of, but now I look at food and nutrition in a totally different light.   In week one of this class I stated that I have always been able to eat what I want until a few years ago.   As I have gotten older I have gained weight and developed high cholesterol.   I have been trying for several months now to eat better and exercise more so, I can stay healthy.   Throughout this paper I will discuss my current eating habits and, what changes I have made in my diet since week one of this class.   I will also discuss what I look for when making my food choices.   Changing eating habits and making sure that one is receiving the proper nutrients is important and can help one stay healthy.
Current Eating Habits
Over the past several months I have worked hard to change my eating habits.   I have struggled with high cholesterol for years now and, I am tired of taking cholesterol medicine.   I am currently doing much better at watching what I eat than I was in the first week of class.   In week one I was still eating breads, drinking soda and eating fewer vegetables.   Now, I have found that I do not eat bread at all unless it is wheat bread and, I only eat it on rare occasions.   I am drinking more water than ever and have cut my soft drinks down to only two a day.   I know that two may still be too much but after drinking six to eight every day I believe I am improving.   When my family eats pasta my wife makes sure that she fixes the whole wheat pasta.   This is a new change for us; however, this change has helped me meet my grain recommendation from My Pyramid Plan.   I am still being cautious of my serving sizes and making sure that I do not over eat.   If I do return for seconds I eat vegetables or fruits instead of eating more meat or pasta.   I am eating more chicken and fish than I was eating.   My family only eats red...