E100 Tma02

Table to complete for TMA 02, Part 1
Provide as much information in your answers as possible, without exceeding the overall limit of 500 words.
The table is intended to help you demonstrate your knowledge and understanding about the theories of Piaget and Vygotsky. Provide as much information in your answers as possible without exceeding the overall 500 words limit.
You should also ensure that you reference the study material accurately.

Questions | Piaget | Vygotsky |
What was the theorist’s main interest in child development?Include a reference to the study materials in your answer to this question | (Oates, Craft, Eyres and Browne, 2012, pg.93)In study topic 4, Piaget’s main interest was in how children develop their knowledge in relation to their environment and interactions. Piaget saw knowledge as resulting from an interaction between individuals and their environment. | (Miller, Devereux, Goodliff, Craft and Callan, 2010, pg. 71)In study topic 3, Vygotsky’s main interest was how knowledge is passed from one human being to another, focussing on communication and the social world.Vygotsky believed learning occurred by interacting with others and the role of the ‘more able other’ is a central feature of learning. |
Outline the key points of the theory. | Piaget identified four stages from birth through to adolescence.Sensorimotor, Preoperational, Concrete Operational and Formal Operational.Schemas (mental representations) develop as children have new experiences and put new ideas and abilities together. | Vygotsky’s theory is called The zone of proximal development which he described is the gap in between what a child can achieve alone and what they can achieve with help from the interaction of a more able other either a parent, teacher or another child which Vygotsky identified as scaffolding. |
What are the main similarities of the two perspectives?Include some references to the study materials in your answer to this question | (Oates, Craft,...