E100 Ema Extending Professional Learning

Part one

In this assignment I adhered to The Open University ethical guidelines (see appendix one).

I work as a nanny three days a week caring for a two year old boy in his family home. Gordon is very shy and finds it hard to interact with other children due to his lack of confidence.   I will demonstrate over the course of this assignment how my change in thinking and understanding of the course materials has enabled me to support Gordon in his learning and development and provide a varied and exciting environment grounded in child centred learning.

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Part two

This assignment is approached in three sections; the first examines how the course materials, especially the works of Piaget and Vygotsky have extended my understanding and professionalism and impacted on my work in setting.

In E100 study topic four (2010c) we explored the theorists’ views on how children learn and develop; this impacted on my observations of my charges behaviour in play.   I observed Gordon at our local sure start centre playing alone in the home corner completely absorbed in fitting a plastic orange into different sized pots until he found one where it would fit inside.   I realised through observing this behaviour that this reflected Piaget’s theories (1896-1980).   Gordon was constructing his own knowledge in his interactions with the environment (E100 study topic three, 2010b).   Piaget believed that child development proceeds learning and the child passes through stages where the child’s level of development guides their learning.   Schemas are a common aspect of the pre-operational stage, (two to six years old) of a child’s development here Gordon is exploring a containing schema seen in his attempts to fit the orange in a suitable sized pot.   Piaget called this collecting of knowledge “assimilation” where information is stored and modified to build on their current level of thinking.   Gordon’s investigations also develop his mathematical thinking as I read in...