TMA 02 - Looking at children’s learning
Part 1
The sequence I have chosen to analyse for this assignment covers events that took place at the ‘Lark Centre’, where a staff member, Kerry, was working in the Willow Room with a small number of children (DVD, Block 1, video sequence ‘Lark Centre’, from 1:31- 2:37) (CS2).   This sequence relates to my personal practice though the planning and implementation of activities whereby I support the children’s learning and development.   In the course materials (Study Topic 3, p.69) Wood suggests, ‘There is substantial evidence that through play, children demonstrate improved verbal communications, high levels of social and interaction skills, creative use of play materials, imaginative and divergent thinking skills and problem-solving capabilities’(KU1).   The amount of development that can be demonstrated by Woods’ suggestion is very rewarding for the child and as a staff member who plans and observes activities and resources used by the children during play.   Welfare and provision is also a very important to the everyday practices in the setting to care for the health and wellbeing of all the children.   This activity in this sequence relates to me because it’s the type I’d like to introduce in our setting, yet there are staff that believe that it’s too unsafe for the children to partake in.  

Children’s learning
In this sequence, ‘Lark Centre’, a teacher, Kerry, is working with a small group of children at a woodworking bench, using wood, tools and nails.   At the initial stages of the sequence, Kerry is supporting the young boy ‘Jon’ to assist him with the use of the saw verbally and physically.   I also often provide this assistance to children in the class when they are carrying out practical life exercises for their first time or as and when requested.   This assistance is important in extending the child’s physical and emotional development; otherwise, the child may lose confidence in continuing and completing the...