Training and Development to Improve Complaint Handling B120 Tma02

Executive summary

Customer satisfaction is the highest priority of any retail organisation.   In order to ensure customer satisfaction, organisations in conjunction with management, continually seek improvements in customer complaints handling.

The computer retailer and shop-floor manager in question is seeking recommendations for methods that would ensure improvements within six months.  

Training and Development to Improve Complaint Handling

1 Recommended Training and Development Methods

There are a number of training and development methods that could be employed to achieve improvements in customer complaint handling.  

Numerous methods are discussed below and the recommendations have been made taking into consideration the opinions of both the HR department and the shop-floor manager.

1.1 Methods which should be used

It is understood that all staff members on the shop-floor have the same job description.   The shop-floor manager is likely to be more experienced than the shop-floor sales staff and as such she would be able to impart her knowledge and experience through coaching.   Additionally, the more experienced shop-floor sales staff would be able to coach less experienced staff members or those who have been with the organisation for a shorter period of time.  

By encouraging the shop-sales staff to work within each others areas of the shop floor increases the overall skills of the team as a whole.   This will also enable the sales staff to share experiences from their areas and provide alternate views for dealing with customer complaints.

Action learning will enable the sales staff to work together and share their experiences of and approaches to handling customer complaints.   These approaches could then be presented to and discussed with the wider sales staff audience.

In-house courses will enable knowledge and skills transference through formalised training.   These could be led by persons from within the organisation of...