Drug Paper

The cause of drug use among early adolescence
Quantilla Q Carter
University of phoenix
COM 220,
Diane L. Schauer  
February 16, 2010
My research clearly indicates that, substance-abusing in early adolescent higher-levels then in 1997 due to guilt, shame, depression, and anxiety. Adolescents today have more peer pressure. Therefore they are also at higher risk for eating disorders or drug additions. Drug-addicted adolescents, although differing from drug-addicted adults in many ways, have a great deal in common with othersin our society. Adolescent in early age addicted and non-addicted, share similar life experiences including physical and sexual abuse, effects of socioeconomic disadvantage, and problems with interpersonal relationships.
Drug Dependence is psychological and sometimes physical. Drug dependence takes several forms: addiction, habituation and tolerance. Larger numbers in early adolescent women than men abuse licit drugs in the form of tranquilizers, sedatives, psychoactive drugs, hypnotics, and stimulants. Women far exceed men in their medical and nonmedical use of prescription drugs and are more likely to obtain these drugs from "legitimate" sources, including physicians. Although the type of licit drug used and patterns of use vary somewhat according to age, geographical location, socio-economic background, and educational level, rates of licit drug abuse are greater for women than men in every age group, in each geographical location, and at every socioeconomic level. Womenare more frequently involved in multiple substance abuse addiction to more than one mood-altering substance than men.
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