The Plug-in Drug


      The negative influences of TV on our life and behaviour

      3th year

"Our cultures are being reduced little by little to nothing. These technologies have no passport and no visa, but they are affecting us and shaping us." Joseph Ki-Zerbo, a historian from Burkina Fasco, West Africa

      Modern technology, the mass media in general and television, computers and the new mobile phones, MP 4 players in particular have influenced people’s lives since they appeared.
      Though I am not against progress and I can see and even profit from the new technology I believe that, unfortunately, without a controlled, balanced, limited use, this influence can sometimes be negative, especially for children, destroying their lives and expectations.
      The new generation has been raised in a technological advanced world and there has been definite controversy over many of these innovations that this new culture has brought. I am a little bit part of this new generation, but my sister, she is 33 she bought only this year her laptop. The innovating technology is a permanent part of our lives, and, though one might argue for their positive role and influence in our lives, which I would not deny entirely, in this paper I would like to underline some of the dangers their overuse may represent, demonstrate that sometimes they influence our decisions and opinions more than they should.
      In politics for example, at the elections on the 22th of November, people voted for the referendum, but they had no idea about it, they didn’t understand much of it. I believe, that the outcome of that election (referendum & presidential) and the outcome of this election (presidential) are due to influence of media on grown people. So if the media can have a bad influence on fully capable people how can it not on children, who don’t have the mental capacity   to make the difference between right and wrong yet.
      Everyone has at least one television set in...