Professional Knowledge and Abilities Paper

Professional Knowledge and Abilities Paper
Employee Reliability Inventory (ERI)
Bay State Psychological Association is known for its creation of the ERI or Employee Reliability Inventory.   The ERI is a questionnaire that predicts the work behavior of job applicants.   It (ERI) is a solution to reducing the amount of time it takes an employer to interview and hire.   The ERI screens applicants in the following categories: trustworthiness, emotional maturity, long-term job commitment, conscientiousness, freedom from disruptive alcohol and drug use, and courtesy (Bay State Psychological Associates, Inc, 1998).   The scoring system is based on zones one through four.   When an applicant scores in zones one and two, he or she is considered to be within the preferred profile.   Zone three means that the applicant is within the follow-up questions required range, and follow-up questions are provided by ERI. Zone four means that the applicant is outside of the preferred profile and should not be hired.
The invention of the ERI contributes to increasing professional knowledge because it guides employers to the right people.   The ERI disqualifies applicants that are a potential risk to a company based on the scoring system of the psychological profile.   This saves time and money in unemployment costs and reduces the amount of turnover.   The ERI enables employers to spend time where it is needed—the retention of existing employees.
The Impact of the ERI
The ERI has impacted my career success because it has reduced the number of unqualified individuals who would normally frequent my office for an interview.   The time that the ERI has saved me has been spent training new hires and retaining existing employees.   The ERI has improved my efficiency as a manager because it allows applicants to fill out applications online, which reduces the amount of time an applicant spends in my office during the interview process.   The ERI system sends an e-mail to notify me of the names and...