Legalizing Marijuana

Running Head: Legalizing Marijuana

Legalizing Marijuana Kim Johnson January 18, 2011


Legalizing Marijuana Imaging waking up in a hospital suffering from severe pain, discovering you had a fatally known cancer with no known relief in sight only speculative or non-legal drugs to help. Informed these experimentally drugs have worked you are going to try drugs verses being in stress and up dying in grief. Marijuana as one of the known drugs not care if litigation or nonlegal only wanting protection. Patients with cancer would be willing to try anything to help get some help involving pain. Having cancer and of the opposition about how legalizing marijuana would stimulate the economy and medical field. With the anticipated of fifteen million dollars spent illegally in just California just involving the use of marijuana (Hoeffel, 2010). Around for some old with some of the strictest Laws failing would matter of rebuilding the bill is the increase in controlling cannabis, cannabis. Marijuana would declare state taxes provide benefiting the financial and medical. Marijuana available for scientific research, medical, industries, and research proposes. Several states in talks on legalizing marijuana thought out the United States. There are different factions to succeed in to calculate involving marijuana legally. Legalizing marijuana many people interested in marijuana allowed for medical treatment known to aid in cancer patients helping chronic pain sufferers, and a full extensive range of freezing cancer cells. Decriminalizing marijuana would act like an appropriate medical option. Since 1972, the United States Congress considered having no recognized of medical use, placing marijuana under a Controlled Substance Act. According to the Pros and Cons, issue on December 3, 2010, out of 50 states in the United States 15 Of marijuana has legalized the medical apply. Exponents argued the use of medical marijuana can be a safe and advocates argued...