Doggy Bath Time

Doggy Bath time
Dogs don’t always smell the greatest so it bath time for them.   Washing a dog can be tricky sometimes if you don’t get the right materials out in the first place.   It takes three steps on how to wash dogs properly getting out the supplies, taking the bath, and lastly dry time.
The first step of how to give a dog a bath is to get the supplies out and ready.   Get out the desired dog shampoo and conditioner.   Be sure to go get some old towels and one small dishtowel for around the eyes. Also get a dog brush out. Lastly, go draw the bath to a warm temperature but don’t make it to cold or to hot.  
The second step is to do the washing of the dog. Get the dog put it in the warm water then apply the shampoo.   Once done scrubbing, rinse the dog and make sure to get all of the shampoo out.   Grab the dishtowel, get it wet and wipe the dogs eyes out.   The next step is to get the conditioner and rub in thoroughly.   It will look soapy, but it’s conditioner.   Lastly, rinse the dog again to get all of the conditioner out.  
The last step is the drying time for the dog. First get on of the old towels and take the dog out of the bath and towel dry.   Get the brush and lightly comb the dog but don’t rip through the hair because it will hurt the dog.   Once done with that get the hair dryer and turn it in high and cold so you don’t burn the dog from the heat.   Then when the dog it completely dry, you will have one clean cute fellow.
Now that it was broken down in simpler form on how to wash the dog by getting out the supplies, then taking the bath, and last dry time.   Washing a dog can be a good experience for the dog and the owner but it has to have it done properly.   It’s a good bonding time for the owner or groomer and the dog.