Child Development Chart




Physical Development
Intellectual / Cognitive Development
Language Development
Social & Emotional Development
Behaviour &Moral development

3 months

Reflexes – Swallowing
Rooting   -   Grasp – Startle – Walking & Standing – Falling
Moves head deliberately –waves arms – kicks legs vigorously
Visually alert – follows adult movements within visual field – watches movement of own hands   engages in finger play shows excitement at sounds of voices, footsteps,   bathwater etc.
Sudden loud noises distress provoking blinking -crying and turning away. Cries when uncomfortable.
Fixes eyes unblinking on mother’s face when feeding – begins to react to familiar situations – smiles – coos and makes excited movements
Looks   for reassurance and security, responds well to cuddles and pleasing reaction from carer, makes noises of delight when care routines are carried out, starts to build a bond with carer.

3 Months
6 Months

Can lift their head and chest in the prone position, supported on their forearms.
Can hold a rattle for a short time.
Watch their hands and play with fingers.
Beginning to show an interest in play things and understand cause and effect.
Prefer moving objects to ones that are still   and will follow a moving toy with their eyes.
Take an increasing interest in their surroundings.
Babies will laugh and begin to vocalise becoming conversational with familiar people.
Cry loudly when expressing a need.
Smile in response to speech.
Show enjoyment at routines such as bath time.
Stay awake for longer periods of time,
Fix their eyes unblinkingly on their carers face when feeding.
Respond with obvious pleasure to attention and cuddles.

6 Months
9 Months

If lying on their back they can roll over onto their tummy.
Can use shoulders to pull themselves to...