Unit 1 Understand Child and Young Person Development

Unit 1
Assessment Criteria 1.1.1
Birth to 1 Year |
Physical | 1st monthReflexes – The baby lies flat on their back and has swallowing, sucking and rooting reflex ensuring they can feed and swallow milk and can move head to look for milk source. Use fingers to grasp an object touching them and close hands tightly. Has a startle reflex to react to sudden sound and light. Turns head to light and stares at bright objects along with faces.1 to 4 monthsTurn from side to backLift head using arms to supportUncontrolled arm and leg movementsHead falls forward but no backwards Kicks legs together and separatelyMoves head to follow adults/object movementsWatches their hands and touches own fingersHold a rattle for short period of timeShow interest and excitement by facial expression and watch adults face4 to 6 monthsObjects are all taken to the baby’s mouthMoves head to follow adults/object movementsUses palmar grasp and can transfer objects form hand to handGood head control and beginning to sit with support, holding their head when uprightWhen lying flat can reach and play with own feetReaches for objects and can roll over from back to side6 to 9 monthsRoll from front to backAttempting to crawlSit without supportStarting to cruise around furniture and may stand/walk aloneUsing pincer grip with thumb and finger and transfer toys from one hand to anotherObjects are all taken to the baby’s mouth to exploreShows alertness, attention and excitement to people, objects, sounds9 to 12 monthsNow mobile – may be crawling, bum-shuffling or walkingCan pull themselves up onto low furniture, possibly able to climb stairsSit up independently and lean forward to reachDance/bounce in line with music/songsImitate adult actions – clapping, clasping hands, wavingPoint   using one finger to communicate what they wantWell-developed pincer grasp to pick objects up and pull towards themUses spoon/fork and holds items of food to feed themselves |
Intellectual/Cognitive | 1st month – explores...