Parents as Their Child's First Teacher

Parents as Their Child’s First Teacher

Kevin E. Miller Jr.

Axia College of University of Phoenix

      Child development scholars are vigorous that good parenting is imperative. From the earliest preschool years, the way parents instill and educate their children is critical to their children’s development throughout life. A child’s education does not start when they enter Pre-Kindergarten or Kindergarten, it begins at home with you being the teacher. What children learn during the first few years can shape their social, emotional, moral, and intellectual development throughout their life. Informing teaching at home has a crucial impact on a child’s development. Parents are their children’s first teachers as children see and learn what their parents teach them. Since learning starts at home, parents must give their children the necessary basics before the children enter school if the children are to succeed.

      Children are learning important lessons in their homes well before they enter school from their parents. They’re learning literacy skills, social skills, emotional skills, and moral values and attitudes. There are concerns that not enough parents realize how important they are as their children’s first teachers. Although parents do not need to think of themselves as professional educators, they should realize how influential they are as their child’s first teacher. Schools cannot compare to the formative influence of the home. The early years can be an excellent time for children to learn and for mothers and fathers to establish healthy parenting habits. As children get older do not despair. The preschool years are not your only chance. Rather than focusing on a timeline, focus on creating the best learning environment for your child at every age. Tailor experiences and your parenting style to the child’s individual personality and maturity level so that he or she can get the most out of every stage of childhood. Parents do not need to be...