Preparing to Conduct Business Research Part Two

Preparing to Conduct Business Research: Part Two
In preparing to conduct a business research this paper will attempt to determine the most appropriate research design for the issues involving “Arnold’s Wrecking Yard.” The issue involves businesspeople doing underhanded, dishonest, and unethical business. Developing financial troubles in a competitive business is not uncommon in the business world. This particular issue requires there be a more appropriate research design where specific data collection instruments are utilized for surveys and interviews and that a determination is made whether to use an existing instrument or to develop a new one and how the population would be sampled.
In determining the research design it has been determined that developing a control factor would be most appropriate for this research operation. This particular research design is the outline in which the various stages of the project are constructed. The owner of Arnold’s Wrecking Yard has come upon financial troubles leaving one of their sellers with the decision of potentially leaving and forming an alliance with their competitor. This creates an asymmetrical causal relationship or stimulus response where a change in business partners leads to higher income (Cooper & Schindler, 2011). This will be seen as a disposition-behavior relationship: business practice and loyalty, where a disposition causes a specific behavior. In this case, a causal research design study could be in order. Exploring the effect of one variable on another will involve measuring the impact of a specific change on the existing norm. A causal research design for this dilemma will be discovering how the troubles of one business will affect the potential actions of one of the company’s loyal sellers.
The next step in the process is to decide which data collection instruments will be utilized to level out the issue surrounding Arnold’s Wrecking Yard, would it be surveys or would interviews be a better...