Club It, Part Two

Club IT, Part Two

Eduardo Cruz

Business Information Systems/BIS 219

December 21, 2010
Syed Ameen


Over the last few months, I have visited Club IT in order to learn and comprehend the business style of owners Ruben Keys and Lisa Tejada. Club IT is an establishment that has passed the beginning stages of any new business. It has been running well enough to build clientele, make a profit and keep the business ignited. The owners have asked me to evaluate the club and provide an assessment of their current information systems as well as recommending upgrades and ideas for improving their information management capabilities. In the following essay, we will discuss the problem areas that have kept Club IT from advancing to become a more prosperous establishment. We will also discuss the ideas I have come up with in order to help the Club take advantage of the technology that will produce more customers, suppliers and employers.

Club IT, Part Two

Club IT is a flourishing nightclub that with the right technological backbone, has the potential of growth and popularity which can make this club one of the hottest spots in the city. After observing the clientele and evaluating the operations of the club, there are several upgrades and ideas that will help contribute to the success of Club IT. In the general view, the company is in need of a system that will provide ERP(enterprise resource planning), CRM(customer relationship management) and SCM(supply chain management) in order to reach its goals.
There are several problems that are holding Club IT from reaching optimum success. The main problem is that the company does not take advantage of technological resources that can help increase clientele, sales and overall revenue. Another problem that supports the main problem is the lack of e-business solutions offered, which holds back promotion and ultimately sales.   A third problem is that the club does not have a system that can...