Building an Ethical Organization Part Two

Building an Ethical Organization Part Two

Tanahya Young
    HSM 230
                                              December 2, 2012
                                                    Erin O’Brien

This written communication provides a basis for the Women’s Retreat for Victims of Domestic Violence (WRVDC) to satisfy the mandates of its mission statement as described in "Building an Ethical Organization Part I." A review of this document will provide a clear picture of what WRVDC is all about, its central purpose, its principles, standards and moral codes.
As discussed in "Building an Ethical Organization Part I.
The program is available to any woman who is a victim of domestic violence and sexual assault. The women’s retreat is a nonprofit organization that offers services through education classes, counseling, and self-defense classes. The organization strives to challenge society to gain beliefs that do not condone domestic violence.
The Women’s Retreat’s mission statement is to reduce trauma, empower survivors, and improve the quality of life through services provided. The mission statement sends the message to the community that domestic violence is unacceptable and intolerable. Society will not continue to allow this kind of behavior to continue. This is a cruel, violent act from one individual on another. Victims of domestic violence undergo a long healing process, and sometimes victims fail to recover completely. Domestic violence changes a person from the inside out. This damage is hard to erase and overcome. The Women’s Retreat hopes to alleviate the pain and suffering, and encourages a better life for the victims of domestic violence.

WRVDC Core Values

  ♣ Client-centric

    • Values the lives of clients and their relations
    • Ascertains client needs and delivers more than 100%
    • WRVDC employees and clients work together on to empowering...