Dd102 2015 Tma 01

Part 1: Written exercise
(90 per cent of the mark for this assignment)
In your own words, define ‘difference’, and provide two examples of this on City Road.
Word limit: 250 words
To define difference in the context of social science, it would mean a lack of similarity between people which may be in groups, ethnicity, age, social or wealth classes and so on.
One example of difference on City Road would be between the types of people that live out their daily and working lives is the varying nationalities of the people that spend time there. Due to its housing costs, city road has attracted all sorts of nationalities who have came to Cardiff to live and work, the road therefore has brought a multitude of different people who are from different ethnic backgrounds and bring their food and trade to the street, this then might appeal to different ethnic groups. The Sari Shop which is the largest Sari shop in Wales (fig1.8) to the Xquisite Africa shop draws in their own different clientele from far and wide.
Another Example would be the Age difference, and how they perceive the street, the older white working class and the younger students make the difference.   “As the street changes different groups of people feel varying senses of belonging to the street”. (OU Ch 1) The pool hall which has a mainly young student profile and the municipal club which has the working class white male profile have that perceived difference of each other, which doesn’t allow them to socialise or integrate. People of these different groups simply feel isolated and untrusting of other age groups in other venues dissimilar to their own.
Word Count: 249
Figure 1.8, page 23: The Open University Introducing The Social Sciences 1
OU Ch1, page 28 The Open University Introducing The Social Sciences 1
The Open University (2014) ‘Inequalities of the Street’ video: DD102, Introducing The Social Sciences.