Dd101 Tma1

TMA 01
With reference to what you have learnt about City Road, outline how material things contribute towards differences on a street which you may know.


    • Introduction to the Road and description.
    • Ethnic minority services / And Lack of.
    • Public access to the Road.
    • Differences I have observed.


Ìn this TMA I am going to discuss some of the differences that I have observed on a Road that I am familiar with after learning about those that exist on City Road. The Road that I have decided to discuss is Stockport Road, Longsight in Manchester

Stockport Road in Longsight is part of the A6 going through Stockport and there on. In the 1950’s the Road was lined with shops, offices, pubs and a cinema. They have since been replaced by a wide variety of shops, the majority being Asian takeaways and restaurants.   There are three supermarkets in the area, Asda, Lidl and Farm Foods the last two are next door to each other. There are three banks on the road, TSB, The Royal Bank of Scotland and Barclays. The Road has an ethnically diverse population, Pakistani, Indians, Africans, Kurdish and other ethnic minorities. Pakistani and Indians are more of majority then other ethnic groups. There is a mix of ages, from children, those in their 20s/30s up to the elderly. Traffic flows both ways, with shops on either side. There are a lot of services provided for the local ethnic population, from the vast area of food outlets, clothes shops, to The Law Centre and a solicitor firm that deals with Immigration cases.   The only lack of service provided would be if English was not the client’s first language they would need to attend the offices with someone who could speak English. So there are no translation services available readily in the area.
City Road and Stockport are similar in many ways, but I have observed differences. Firstly even though there is a high Student population in Manchester, unlike City Road where there are...