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Drawing on what you have learned from the Making Social Lives DVD and Learning Companion 1, Describe some inequalities on City Road.

In this essay I will discuss some of the inequalities on City Road using examples from the Making Social Lives DVD and Learning Companion 1, Firstly I shall define the word ‘inequalities’, ‘Inequalities’ refers to the unequal distribution of valued social resources, in other words some people have access to more resources than others within a society or between societies’ (Blakeley et al, 2012, p24).

City Road shows us numerous examples of inequalities such as The Mackintosh Centre, Historically transformed from a home to a community sports centre today and although it’s a ‘community’ sports centre there are a lot of locals who describe the centre as expensive or that they think its an exclusive centre, During the weekends the
Mackintosh Centre is actually transformed into a local farmers market that a variety of people use and can attend.(The street,2009).

Another example of the inequalities within City Road is that of Janet Symmons who owns Xquisite Africa, which sells a wide selection of African products aimed at certain clientele who may feel excluded from using the other shops on City Road which don’t cater for Africans whereas Xquisite Africa supplies African foods, health and beauty products to name a few which are all imported by Janet directly from Africa and China. By Janet supplying such products she is not only contributing to making social lives on City Road but also contributing to social lives in Africa. (The streeet, 2009).

From The Making Social Lives DVD we also see the inequalities and differences on city road between day and night, the main difference being that City Road during the day is used by all different types of people but come night City Road is used by the younger generations looking for a good night out with City Roads vast selection of pubs, restaurants and takeaways, While older people...