Dd101 Tma1

In light of what you have learned about City Road, describe some of the inequalities on a street which you know.

  For this assignment I have decided to examine some of the inequalities on the Shore Road in Whiteabbey, a road which is very familiar to me as I have grown up on or close to it for the past twenty four years . This stretch of road is similar to City Road in a number of ways. It provides many functions for the surrounding community such as the selling of products and services, the providing of entertainment, and the providing of a sense of community and identity. However it is also dissimilar to City Road as it is a much smaller road with a smaller catchment area, and much less variety of these products and services.
  I have identified a number of inequalities in this stretch of the Shore Road. Most of which are similar to that of City Road and many other roads across the world. For the purposes of this assignment however I will look at three of these in detail.
  Firstly, there has been a vast change in behaviours on this road over the past ten to fifteen years due to a lot of money being invested in the modernising and improving of the area during this time. As discussed in the Making Social Lives DVD, an area looking “run down” gives the impression of a “bad area” and crime tends to rise in accordance with this.   Social disorders such as graffiti and litter, whilst not necessarily classified as “crimes” all contribute to this view and this then needs to be “managed and smoothed over.” (Ordered Lives, 2009, Scene 1) Over the past decade, gardens have been planted, roads and crossings improved, shops have been modernised, and many new services have moved to the road. Ten to fifteen years ago the local bar was run down and attracted a lot of trouble and crime. However, after being closed, refurbished and rebranded, it is now one of the main attractions to the area, boasting a high-class restaurant and bar, and an upmarket clientele. The road and...