Tma 01 Outline How Material Thingsd on City Road Favour the Activities of Some Groups of People over Others

Outline How Material Things on City Road Favour The Activities Of Some Groups Of People Over Others

City Road: A mile long, the busiest street in Cardiff.   Hectic with cars commuting to and from work; delivery lorries and buses. Pavement’s littered with bins, bollards and traffic lights.   A hive of pedestrian and motorised activity, day and night. Independently owned shops sit alongside supermarket giant Tesco, competing for customers.   Takeaways offer food from around the world, a diverse ethnic mix of residents, student accommodation, a sports centre and family run, traditional restaurants. In this essay, I will focus on the road’s buildings, street markings and furniture. Whose activities are improved by their presence and those for whom they cause problems and inequalities.

The road is incredibly busy, with cars and buses commuting to work, making crossing a far bigger challenge to the elderly and those who live with mobility difficulties, than for younger able bodied users. To address this issue crossing points are spaced out along the road, making it easier to navigate.   Only some are controlled, so as not to slow down the progress of traffic too much.   This means those less mobile may have to travel some distance to find a suitable crossing place, whilst the young / able bodied are able to cross the road conveniently where they wish to and   more quickly. Different coloured tarmac is used at crossings to denote that car drivers must not enter the area, slowing up the commuters and traffic, but making it safe for pedestrians waiting to cross in the middle of the road.

The street furniture on City Road; bins, bollards lamp posts, bus shelters etc. have all been painted the same light blue. Rodney Berman, (‘The Street’,2009, scene 1 ) tells professor Elizabeth Silva that a major exercise in 2001 was approved to improve the environment for

the residents on City Road. In some areas Berman says, (‘The Street’,2009, scene 1 )   bollards are...