Dd101 Tma 01

Drawing on what you have learnt from the Making Social Lives DVD and Learning Companion 1, outline how material things on City Road favour the activities of some groups of people over others.

The groups living on City Road have been shown to value and have conflict with a variety of different material things in their lives, each one personal to their own identity.

One of the first business’ shown on the Material lives DVD is that of “Xquisite Africa”. This shop is owned by a female African who sells a wide variety of goods within; all of the produce sold in this shop is food and material goods that you would also find in Africa. The proprietor’s main custom will come from Africans and then a smaller group of white South Africans now living in and around the local area of City Road.

Other migrants have also set up thriving businesses on City Road. Nof, came from Iraq and, although unable to use his desired skills in employment, he started a small eatery “The Hawaiian” that has since thrived and its profits have provided the ability to open a second.

There are many working migrants living and working on City Road. This group of individuals is connected to both material objects and society.
Many of the activities will and will not be shared by this group.

The sports centre is one activity that perhaps this group will feel unable to reach, due to the club being perceived as expensive and/or exclusive. Food seems to be a connection for all groups, there are many takeaways and diners that provide different cultural foods to cater for the many types of individual living on City Road. This activity shows us how society is being built and repaired by using diversity.

The conflict of time and space seems to be ever present on City Road and will determine which groups will use which activity at what time. For instance, retired individuals will use the takeaways during the day for a cup of tea in their daily routine but would not however venture out to do...