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It is interesting comparing between City Road which in the city of Cardiff, to my local high street London Road which is located in a rural location miles from any major city.   When you walk down London Road you very quickly notice the lack of traffic, people, and businesses.  

Being in a rural location London Road has no CCTV cameras except in the local car park, whereas City Road has camera up and down the high street.   You will very rarely see police or community officers around as there is not as much trouble or disturbances on London Road.   There is a real feel of safety on London Road in the day and at night.   A few residents on City Road spoke about how there was a sense of City Road being unsafe at night due to the amount of younger people and partygoers (Making Social Lives on City Road, Scene 8, 2009).   Crossing the street is very simple on London Road and there is only a need for two crosswalks.   I think London Road is a safer place to be overall, when dealing with traffic and an overall feel of safety at all times.

When it comes to shopping City Road is far more superior to London Road.   On City Road you have such a variety of shops to choose from, where on London Road there are only a few shops that cater to a very specific taste.   On City Road you can purchase almost everything you need as with London Road you most likely need to travel to the next biggest town to purchase additional items you may want.   The one benefit for London Road is all of our shops are independent, and not many chains whereas on City Road the chains seem to be slowly taking over. A few residents on City Road mentioned how Tesco and some of the other chains were overshadowing the independent shops (Making Social Lives on City Road, Scene 3, 2009).   In comparison I think City Road benefits when it comes to shops due to the fact that there are a lot more, and vast choice of selection of shops that City Road offers.

The amazing thing when you live somewhere for a long time...