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High Street in Wrexham Town Centre is one of the busiest and diverse streets in Wrexham. It has many similarities to City Road in Cardiff, which will be drawn upon throughout this essay. The street is ‘one way’ with restricted vehicle access and is frequently used to access other amenities on foot during the day. There are a number of cafes and restaurants on the street however; it is dominated by bars, pubs and takeaways, which attract a vast number of people at night. This essay will outline how some benefit and others lose on High Street, Wrexham. This will be done through discussion about differences and inequalities on the street along with comparison to City Road Cardiff.  
  Wrexham High Street has many different businesses residing upon it, amongst the large companies are independently owned businesses, for example, ‘Taste Buds’ café, has been situated there for a number of years, they have loyal clientele who have been regulars for a number of years. In recent times, due to the constant reshaping of society, cafes like ‘Taste Buds’ have had to compete with larger franchises that have moved to the street like, Subway. Subway is a large chain with an established customer base and is able to undercut the prices of the independently owned cafes, this has resulted in cafes losing revenue or being forced into liquidation. This is a clear example of a small independent café losing and a large franchise benefiting through reputation and marketing. This example has similarities to Colin the newsagent on City Road who explains how his business has been affected by the likes of Tesco and Spar coming to City Road “It knocked me a bit the Tesco’s opening two blocks up” (‘The street’, 2009, scene 3)
  High Street is different to City Road because it is only accessible ’one way’ for transport and accommodates and should benefit, people with restricted mobility. It has a bus route and should only be accessible for motorists who have a blue badge pass, it is designed in...