Dd101 Tma01

TMA 01

Outline some of the ways in which differences and inequalities are made and remade on a street you know.

As I walk through Nantwich High Street, I see a small, traditional market town centre. There are the very old buildings that are white with the black wooden beams synonymous with Elizabethan times. (Most of the town burnt down in the great fire of Nantwich in 1583 but there are some buildings that remain.) There is the World War 1 memorial statue that sits in the centre of the main square seating area where the elder generation of Nantwich sit and drink their tea from their flasks or eat their lunch and where the younger workers meet their friends for lunch breaks.   There is the old Market Centre that dates back to the 16th century.   The town has a lot of history and there are many plaques in and around the town centre to commemorate this. The People of Nantwich take great pride in the town’s history.

Nantwich 10 years ago was a very small town with a mix of small independent businesses like clothes boutiques, coffee shops, jewellers and independent electrical and hardware sales.   This was very suited to the wealthier set of traditional Nantwich residents (Nantwich is considered to be a wealthy area) However with the addition of 3 large housing estates and many younger families moving to the town, this has caused some differences between the old and new.   As with all high streets modern society demands change, Nantwich residents wish for the town to remain the same, not to change and remain the small traditional picturesque town that it is famous for but the newer younger families require modern choices at more reasonable prices.

The shops in Nantwich have been, until the recent growth of the town, certainly suited to the original Nantwich residents, But perhaps not to the families who cannot afford the boutique clothes and exclusive jewellers prices.   It has been interesting to see “bargain” shops opening up on the high street.   We...