Cypw Professional Relationships

Box 1.
It is extremely important that you as an individual ensure you are aware of difficulties or barriers which may arise within the workplace so you can ensure these are overcome as soon as possible and will avoid further barriers and will help you remain as professional as possible. There are many support groups and information and guides which are accessible to everyone.
Within the workplace it is vital to communicate with staff whether it is via white boards, calendars, message book etc as all staff can be made aware of any information regarding things such as annual leave, staffing, dietary requirements, daily routine, planning all of which are needed to ensure the smooth running of the workplace as well as helps and may highlight if any help or support is needed or required as well as showing progression and day to day routine.  
When talking and discussing information with parents/guardians it allows both parties to understand the progression of the child as well as ensuring that both parties are aiming towards the same outcome whether it be discussing next steps or advice regarding outside agencies etc or even daily feedback sheets. Regular communication between parents is vital to maintain there input and decisions with regard to their child. It also allows each party to discuss any help or support they may need in assisting the progression of the child so the right practices or outside agencies such as health visitor, speech and language services, children’s centres can be contacted to enable the best for the child as early intervention is vital.
Communicating with children is done a variety of ways including speech, flash cards, sign and so on. It is important as it helps us to understand not only there development but also there wants and needs.
It is important that a child’s progress is monitored and tracked to ensure they are gaining and developing well and also to ensure no additional help is needed if you feel that additional support is...