How to Establish Respectful, Professional Relationship with Children and Young People


It is essential to establish respectful and professional relationship with children and young people, as a teaching assistant. In a teacher and child relationship there should be trust, a relationship were the child trusts its teacher and feels comfortable in their company, allows the teacher to provide a supportive and calming environment in which the child can learn and develop. Listening is also one   of the most important ways to establish an important relationship with a child or young person, by a teacher listening to what a child has to say without interruption conveys to the child that the teacher is interested in what the child has to say and that their views and opinions are respected and important. The teacher/assistant should always take an active intrest in what the child has to say and an intrest in the child themselves for example what their hobbies and their interests are their likes and their dislikes are also when talking to   child or listening   the teacher/assistant should always remain eye contact and always concentrate on what the child is saying. Giving the child rules and routines are important and the child should no the consequences of breaking a rule, by doing this, it enables the teacher to the child that the punishment that they have recived for breaking a rule is “fair” this helps to establish respectful relationships.
It is important to communicate with children in a manor that is clear and appropriate to their age needs and abilities, this involves using words and phrases that the child will understand depending on childs age and development for example a child at the age of between 3-9mths will enjoy looking at pictures and books and by using its intellectual development the child process information through images, were as a 2-3 year old starts to enjoy imaginative play and is able to use symbols in play and is able to use more adult formed...