Communication and Professional Relationships with Children, Young People and Adults

Task 1 – Children and young people

• Describe how to establish a respectful, professional relationship with children and young people?

The key ingredients of creating a ‘respectful and professional relationships’ amongst ones’ pupils (be them of primary or higher education) are fundamentally underpinned by the same building blocks and these are: Trust, Care, Closeness, Cooperation, Understanding and Mutual Acceptance.
By recognizing pupils as individuals helps to boost their self-esteem, allowing one to one time with each child gives them the opportunity to bond and feel valued by their Teacher. Therefore they are more willing to learn; giving them a more secure feeling within themselves and with their abilities - in which they will see you as a form of help and encouragement as well as a caring and trustworthy person.

The significant differences between primary and secondary school pupils’ relationships are that primary school children have just one main Teacher and 2 to 3 Teaching Assistants allowing them to form stronger bonds with these people.
Young children seek more emotional and physical security, where as Secondary pupils may have 10 or more Teachers which make it harder to form a strong bond with each of them.   Teenagers or Young people still need emotional and physical support/security.  

In our modern era, secondary Teachers roles have undergone major changes, compared to let's say the 70s where the Teachers attitude was very; 'I am the Teacher and you shall do what I say when I say it or you will be punished'.   Having this mannerism shuts down any relationships with the pupils, they are not going to see you as a person in who they can confide or reap advice from. They don’t REALLY respect you as a Teacher… They do as you say only because they fear the pain of punishment.
Within our day and age it does not pay to have this type of attitude; the Government agreed therefore abolishing physical punishments from all British Schools....