Develop Professional Relationships with Children/Young People

develop professional relationships with children/ young people
Sometimes we may find that we need to refer other adults to sources of information, advice or support. This may be because we work with an individual child and regularly meet with parents or we may be just simply asked for advice.
For example if we work with child with disability or learning difficulties we may refer their parents to Social Services route for help and support, Family Support Worker and also special disability teams help and advise. School nurse could also be a beginning to a source of advice and inlet into support for disabled children.
Some parents may not be aware that they are entitled to Disability Living Allowance so we can refer them to citizen advice places for advice on benefits they may be entitled to.
Children's centres like Sure Start or Barnados provide a variety of advice and support for parents and carers. Their services are available from pregnancy right through to when a child goes into reception class at primary school. At many children’s centres they can:
  * see a dentist, dietician or physiotherapist
  * visit the ‘stop smoking’ clinic
  * get faster access to expert advice, support and short-term breaks if their child has learning difficulties or disabilities
  * talk to Citizens Advice
  * take parenting classes
  * improve their English if it is not their first language
We may also have to deal with parent who is a victim of domestic violence or abuse.
There are many people and organisations we can refer them to such as police. Their GP, for example, can direct them to groups that work with victims of abuse. They can point to local support groups and charities that help victims and their children escape the cycle of violence.
If they don’t want to discuss it with a GP, they can call one of the helplines.
The helplines include:
  * English National Domestic Violence Helpline
  * Men’s Advice Line
  * Wales Domestic Abuse Helpline...