Cypop5 Task One

Assessment One Claire Neaves.

1.1  Outline the current legislation covering home based childcare and the role of regulatory bodies

First of all I would arrange a meeting with Anjum’s parents.
I have assumed for the purposes of this task that Anjum’s parents are both English speaking, if they were not I would investigate acquiring the help of a translator and /or written information in the relevant language.
I would explain to the parents that the government have introduced laws relating to children and young people that we as child carers have to abide by.
The Children Act of 2004 identifies five outcomes that all children should be able to achieve.

These are:
  * To be healthy
  * Stay safe
  * Enjoy and achieve
  * Make a positive contribution
  * Achieve economic wellbeing

The Childcare Act of 2006 was when the Early Years Foundation Stage was introduced, which sets the standard for child care providers which ensures children are meeting the areas identified by the Children Act of 2004.
The Protection of Children Act of 1998 is a law that ensures all people that work with children and young people have had a DRB, which is an enhanced disclosure document issued by the Criminal Records Bureau, which proves that the person named on the document has no criminal convictions, and are suitable to work with children, all adult members of my family living at home have had DRB checks.

The Data Protection Act of 1998 is designed to prevent confidential and personal information being passed on without a person’s consent.   Children and their families have a legal right to privacy.
This includes photographs and information kept on paper or on computers.
I would then explain that in addition to legislation the regulatory body for our area (England) is Ofsted.   They have processes and systems to control home based child care, they do this by having standards and procedures that childminders have to meet.

These are:
  * Registration