Cypop5 Task 5

CYPOP5 – Task 5

Current guidance on Health & Safety risk assessments in a home based setting is available from RoSPA (Royal Society of the Prevention of Accidents) It includes a whole section on home safety which includes specific advice on preventing accidents among children.
The Health and Safety Executive website also contains general guidance about health & safety risk assessment, although this is not as specific to the needs of children.  
Also additional information will always be found on the Pacey website too, (Professional Association for Childcare and Early Years)

The health, safety and security of children in my care are of paramount importance to me.   In my setting I will ensure that any objects which could be deemed dangerous are out the reach of the children.   Plugs sockets need to have covers on them, loose wires should be tucked away and corner cushions should be on hard and blunt corners.   In taking such precautionary measures the children are able to explore freely without any risk.   However, constant monitoring and supervision will ensure their safety too.
Hygiene is an integral part of ‘safety’ in a childcare setting.   There should be the highest standards of hygiene at all times.   This should ensure that there is a low risk of infections, illness and bugs.   The children in my care will need to be led by example such as washing hands after toilet visits and before eating, catching sneezes and coughing into a tissue etc.   This will help develop and encourage good personal hygiene practises.   My home (and I) should be as clean as possible at all times so that germs cannot multiply.   Fresh air into the house and cleaning products will ensure this.   However chemical products must be kept out the reach of children as they are hazardous.  
The cleanliness of your house also links in with hygiene practise as far as food is concerned.   Food will need to be given to children in my care...