Cypop5 Task 5

CYPOP5 TASK 5 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4, 2.5
As a childminder my aim is to provide a safe environment.
In my home I provide:
Age related toys to avoid choking etc and those are not broken or have sharp edges.
Stair gates on doors
Smoke alarms fitted on each floor that are checked regularly
First aid kit
Radiator guards
Plug socket covers
I do risk assessments every morning in my home and garden to check everything is safe before the children arrive.  
All main doors are kept locked and the key on a hook nearby out of the reach of children
Alcohol is stored away and out of sight of the children
Pet food kept out of reach
Highchairs and boosters have the appropriate harnesses
In the kitchen
All household cleaners are locked away and plastic carrier bags out of reach
There is a fire blanket on the wall
All sharp objects including knifes are kept out of sight and reach of the children
In the bathroom/ toilet
All cleaning materials are kept out of reach
The floor is always kept dry
Toilet seats are cleaned regularly with disinfectant
All gates are kept locked and secure
All toys are checked regularly to make sure they are not broken  
Large play equipment in checked to make sure it is safely secured in place

When going on outings all prams/ buggy’s are checked to make sure they are safe and have correct straps/ harnesses
A child walking has reins or a hand strap
We always cross the road in a safe place and practice road safety with the children
If travelling by car I always make sure that every child is in the right car seat/ harness for their age
I assess any play area or outing and do a risk assessment on it before letting the children go and play, I check the area is clean and safe and that the play equipment is safe too
All medicines are stored away and out of reach from the children and are properly labelled
I never give medicine without having written permission from the parents
A record will be kept on...