Cypop5 Task One

The four pieces of legislation I would outline to Anjums parents would be

Children Act 2004
Childcare Act 2006
Equality Act 2010
Data Protection Act 1988

I would provide them with an easy to read document that would enable them to understand the concepts of each act. This would reassure them that Anjum is being looked after in accordance with the rules set out within each piece of legislation. The information I would outline for each act would be:

Children Act 2004
The most influential piece of legislation that was enforced to protect all children. It was introduced as a result of the green paper ‘Every Child Matters’. All childminders must follow the rules set out in this act and there are five areas that must be adhered to, for all children, these being:
• All children must be healthy physically and emotionally
• They must be able to stay safe from harm and neglect
• They must enjoy and achieve through education and recreation
• Make a positive contribution
• Social and economic well being
These five outcomes form the main aims of the Early Years Foundation Stage of every child being safe, being healthy, enjoying and achieving, making a positive contribution and achieving economic well-being.
Childcare Act 2006
This is specifically concerned with early childcare and early childhood services. It introduced the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). A childminding provider should adhere to the rules set out in the act. Its aims are;
• Improve the five Every Child Matters outcomes for all pre-school children and reduce inequalities in these outcomes to improve the wellbeing of the child
• Secure sufficient childcare for working parents by supporting them to work thus reducing child poverty
• Local authorities must ensure sufficient parental information service
• Providers should deliver the Early Years Foundation Stage
• All providers caring for children up to age 5 will are required to register on the Early Years register with Ofsted...