Cypop Unit 5: Understand How to Set Up a Home-Based Childcare Service

CYPOP Unit 5: Understand how to set up a home-based childcare service

Outline of current legislation
There are many laws relating to children and young people in the UK.   Some of the most important ones are listed below.
The ones that are the some of the most relevant to you as a home-based childcarer are given below.

What are the key points of each piece of legislation and how will you put them into practice as a childminder?

The Children Act 1989
At the heart of the Children Act 1989 is a belief that:
• The best place for children to be looked after is within their own homes.
• The welfare of the child is paramount
• Parents should continue to be involved with their children and any legal proceedings that may concern them, and that legal proceedings should be unnecessary in most instances.
• The welfare of children should be promoted by partnership between the family and the Local Authority.
• Children should not be removed from their family, or contact terminated, unless it is absolutely necessary to do so.
• The child's needs arising from race, culture, religion and language must be taken into account.
Key points

• All child care law relating to children being accommodated by the Local Authority comes under the Children Act 1989.

• The Act is built on the notion of 'parental responsibility'. This summarises the duties, rights, powers and responsibilities of a parent in respect of their child.

• The Local Authority has a duty to safeguard and promote the welfare of 'children in need' in its area.

• The most important principle of the Children Act is the welfare of the child. This will always be regarded as paramount by a court in considering any question of the child's upbringing

• The aim of the Children Act is to offer sufficient safeguards to children who may be at risk.

• Since the introduction of childcare regulation under the Children Act 1989 the risk of harm to children being cared for in settings...