Identify Sources of Support and Information for the Setting Up and Running of Your Home Based Childcare Business.

1.6 Identify sources of support and information for the setting up and running of your home based childcare business.

Once deciding to become a child carer you are required to:
Have the appropriate qualifications, training and skills, as set out by the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). This framework ensures all childcare providers - including childminders- adhere to the same guidelines. Local career advisers in colleges can advise you what qualifications are required.
Register as a childminder where you need to attend a local childminding pre-registration briefing session. The session tells you about becoming a childminder. To find out about sessions you would contact the local Family Information Service (in England or Wales), the Scottish Childminding Association in Scotland and the NICMA, the childminding Association in Northern Ireland.
After reading the National Standards and application pack needs to be completed which is given at the briefing session. The form is then returned to your local Ofsted.

Once you’ve registered:   you need to attend introductory training courses in childcare practice. It is also legal requirement that you hold a current paediatric first aid certificate at the point of registration - this first aid training must be approved by your local authority and must follow guidelines set out in the Early Years Foundation Stage. These approved courses can be sought through the local authority in my area and/ or Family Information Service.

Initial training needs to be completed within six months of registering to become a childminder and provides an introduction to starting a childminding or nanny business. This is the ‘first step’   in an on going career, ongoing training will follow throughout the childminding career.
Essential Training is delivered by the National Childminding Association In England (and Wales), full details can be found on there website.
Once you register you have to Apply to the Criminal Records Bureau for...