Cypop 5 Task 1

Katie Hannington CYPOP 5 Assignment
  1. Understand how to set up a home- based childcare service.
      2.1 Outline the current legislation covering home- based childcare and the role of regulatory bodies.
Home- based childcarers must complete an application form and become registered with the regulatory body for their country before they can care for other people’s children. It is a illegal to work as a home- based childcarer without being registered. In Wales the regulatory body is CSSIW (Care and Social Services Inspectorate Wales).The CSSIW have minimum standards which childcarers must meet in order to be registered.
The regulatory body inspect childcare providers to ascertain that they are fit to care for children and can provide a safe and pleasant environment where children’s learning and development is catered for. They also make checks at registration, on both the childcarer and other people over the age of sixteen who live on the premises. This includes adults who may not live in the premises full time, for example a son or daughter returning to the family for the university holidays.
After inspection, CSSIW compile a report about the childcare provider, which is available on their website and must also be made available to parents using the service. After registration, inspectors periodically inspect childcare settings to ensure that standards continue to be met. In Wales inspections happen twice a year and childminders must produce a Quality of Care review at these times.
If a concern or complaint is made to CSSIW about a provider, they may carry out an investigation into the childcare service to ensure that standards are being met. If they find standards are not being met, they can take action against the provider (this is known as enforcement).
In addition to the application, applicants also need to apply for an Enhanced check from the Disclosure and Barring Service. Anyone over sixteen who lives or stays over on the premises will also...