Unit 079

Understand How To Set Up a Home Based Childcare Service

Unit 079

Outcome 1 & 3
Understand How To Set Up a Home Based Childcare Service

Outcome 1 - Understand How to Set Up a Home Based Childcare Service

4. Develop a marketing plan for own home based Childcare service

My marketing plan would consist of firstly carrying out research of my local area using:
Childcare Sufficiency Audit, showing me the birth rate, new houses being built. This would assist in targeting a specific areas and ages in my targeted area and developing my USP. Also I would review the Family information Service (FIS) to ensure that CSSIW had placed me on the registered childminder register, therefore any prospective clients would be able to find my services. I would use the internet search engines to search how many other providers there were in my area and what services they provide and therefore make my marketing to suit the gap in any services/ages and also adjust my prices to my area.
When marketing my childminding business, I would create the following marketing materials, which could be used in many ways.
Firstly I would purchase a domain name and then setup a website, which would be included on all of my business marketing materials and stationary.
The website would contain all the relevant information within to ensure that it’s listed as one of the primary search results in a search when particular criteria is entered (i.e. Beddau, childminder) as these key words would be picked out by the search engine “spiders”. There are many free means of advertising available on the internet, such as YELL.Com & Thomson Local thereby ensuring my website and business is given maximum exposure whilst being established and into the future.

The website will contain the minimum of:
• My name   & Company name
• Contact number, preferably Mobile
•Ability to be able to email from the website
• A Brief Description of my services and any Unique Selling Points (USPs)...