Cypop5 Task 1

CACHE level 3 understand how to set up a home based childcare service

Task 1

Produce and information sheet which outlines the following
Current legislation for home based child care.
In this section I will discuss the legislations that are current for home base childcare. There are several legislations that are currently set in place that childminder have to adhere to.

The Children’s Act 2004 – This act provides the basis for how social services and other agencies deal with the issue relating to children. It arose from the Green paper “Every child matters” and identifies the following outcomes for all children.
For children to be healthy and enjoy good physical and mental health in a healthy living lifestyle.
Allow children to stay safe in their environment.   To be protected from harm and neglect whilst growing up and to be able to look after themselves.
Aid children to enjoy life and to achieve success whilst getting the most out of life and developing broad skills for adulthood.
Help them to give a positive contribution to society and not participate in anti social behaviour.
Help achieve economic stability and well being for out children’s future, not being prevented by economic disadvantage from achieving their full potential.
The five above outcomes are universal ambitions for every child and young person and should be implemented where possible in a childcare as a duty as care.
Improving the outcomes for all children and young people underpins all of the development and work within children’s trusts. It have been found that children and young people thrive when they are healthy , safe and engaged and evidence shows that educational achievement is the most effective route out of poverty.,
These guidelines have been put in place for the best interests of the children and young people for individuals to follow who are looking after children so they know how children should be treated through the eyes of the law.

The Children’s Act...