Cpcs Nvq Assessor

Michael Corkery-Waldie

Respond to the learning outcomes and assessment criteria that make up Unit 1, the knowledge unit. There may be some of them that you would like clarification about from your Assessor or would prefer to respond to in a professional discussion or by answering questions orally.

Unit 1 - Understanding the principles and practices of assessment

1. Understand the principles and requirements of assessment

1.1 Explain the functions of assessment in learning and development i.e. why assessment is carried out, what its purpose is, what it is measuring and what the anticipated outcomes are.

The main purpose of assessment is to ensure the competence of the learner is identified and achievement is known on each unit before moving on with the qualification.
Formative and summative assessment are best practises used in support learning which is best for the learner.
Evidence and constructive feedback from any assessment can be used formatively to inform planning for developments in learning and also to show progress and achievement in the assessment.
The induction process and also what is called the skill scan are used to check that the learner is at the correct level of learning and what the learners needs are. Their needs are the best way to determine how the assessment will be carried out to produce evidence of competence.
The learner and assessor need to agree a plan of what needs to be done and times and dates of meetings and also if anybody else needs to be involved for witness statements.
The NVQ must be achieved within two years which will require the level two construction and plant operations being completed before the blue competence card can be issued. Each unit has standard outcomes which relate to methods of work and health and safety and these must all be achieved. The NVQ requires competence in all mandatory units and also any plant units.

1.2 Define the key concepts and principles of assessment including whether...