Assignment A: Role of a teacher

2a) In the field of teaching my job title is referred to as an NVQ Assessor / Trainer in Health and Social Care. I deliver underpinning Knowledge at levels 2 and 3 and I am under obligation to observe learners in performing activities at work as well as assess evidence produced by these learners.

Many of my learners are experienced in the job they do but may not necessarily have a certificate to show that they are competent, my role is to assist them package their wealth of experience and knowledge into a structured portfolio to obtain a certificate showing their area of competence.

As an NVQ Assessor/ Trainer I have a responsibility to make the initial contact with my learners and carry out an induction and an initial assessment or skills scan to identify their learning needs and establish the correct NVQ and level to be undertaken. I assess NVQ at Level 2 and 3 and therefore I would be able to advice a learner on what level to enrol for within these two levels. When I come in contact with a learner who requires a higher NVQ level in most cases a level 4, I normally refer them to the management of the organisation I work for giving them a contact name and number to give them further information on how to enrol and sometimes information about funding opportunities.

On the day of induction it is my responsibility to ensure I agree with the learners the date of the first session and subsequent dates as well. I normally have to be flexible with the times the learners may chose because I have to bear in mind that it is a work based course and Health and social care jobs can span over 24hours and they are generally adults with various commitments. Therefore learner’s availability differs and I consider some very reasonable exceptions. In all I still have boundaries in terms of working hours for this reason I give the candidates about 2 options of 2 different days and range of time to give room for choice and alternatives....