Ptlls 1

PTLLS Assignment 1

Describe what your role, responsibilities and boundaries would be as a teacher in terms of the teaching/training cycle.

I am an NVQ Assessor with an independent training provider delivering apprenticeship programs to students aged 16-24. In this assignment I will discuss my roles, responsibilities and boundaries as an assessor in relation to the three stage teaching cycle as defined by Dewey's theory of experience which is based on three key areas, planning, doing and reviewing. (John Dewey 1938/1997)

My main role as a teacher/trainer is to follow the teaching cycle.
‘The learning process is cyclic, and can go on and on indefinitely.   Whether consciously or not, virtually all successful learning from experience follows the cycle’  (G. Petty, 2009)

When I begin working with learners I establish ground rules, conduct learning styles activities and conduct a full induction to their course involving an initial assessment to ascertain current previous learning and qualifications, literacy and numeracy skill levels and to identify whether the learner has any learning or support needs. If such needs are identified I can provide more one to one support and signpost the learner to resources such as the BBC Skillswise website. If the learner needs support beyond what I am able to give, I can refer to a local college who can provide specialist tutors or foundation learning courses. It is my responsibility to ensure that I challenge the learner and provide training and assessment at the level suitable for the individual. The assessments are carried out at the learner’s place of work and where possible I book a room at the venue to ensure comfort and privacy for the learner. As illustrated by Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, It is my responsibility to ensure the layout, equipment and facilities are suitable and conducive to learning and to provide the learner with a positive, professional, safe learning environment free from discrimination,...