Legislation and Codes of Practice to Govern Assessors/Trainers

Your responsibilities and those of others who have an effect on your work

Legislation and codes of practice to govern Assessors/Trainers
When I am dealing with learners up to the age of 19 years of age I have to adhere to the children act 2004 legislation that includes Being healthy e.g. A learner able to leave the room to go to the toilet, Staying safe e.g. Learners are encourage to leave the room calmly, Enjoying and Achieving e.g. Teachers praise learners, Making a positive contribution e.g. Learners contributing to a discussion without discriminating and Achieving economic wellbeing e.g. Learners evaluate their progress. Other Legislations and regulations that I need to have an understanding and adhere to that are relevant to my area of work as a work based Assessor in warehousing are as follows:
Health and safety at work act of 1974 Under this legislation it states that all individuals and organisations have a duty of care with regards to the health and safety of themselves and any of their actions that could have an effect on others.
SENDA 2002 Is an act that states that college and educational institutions have a legal requirement to provide reasonable adjustments for disabled learners and to provide equal opportunities within the learning environment.
Sex Discrimination Act 1975 This states it is illegal to treat a woman or a man less favourably on the grounds of their sex or marital status. E.g. A man being paid more money than a woman for doing the same job.
Race Relations Act 1976 This act states it is illegal to discriminate on the grounds of colour, race, and nationality ethnic or national origins.
Gender Reassignment Act 1999 This act is in conjunction with SDA to cover discrimination to people which is undertaking medical supervision for the purposes of reassigning a person’s sex by changing physiological or other characteristics of sex.                        
Disability Discrimination Act 1995 Within this act it makes it illegal to...