Corn Processing Equipment to Promote the Development of Coarse Grain Food

Corn Processing Equipment to Promote The Development of Coarse Grain Food

Our country is the largest producer of grain, with the development of people's living standards, more whole grains environment by the people, corn is the major cash crops, the use of corn processing equipment is very wide, and a very high proportion of exports, which led to the development of corn processing equipment, the use of corn in the normal process of processing equipment, such as new always want it, then we must always keep ten net hygiene, keeping the corn processing equipment clean and sanitary manner.

Wash the corn processing equipment, to prevent food contamination control microbial growth and reproduction is a very important tool. Corn processing equipment after cleaning microbes absolute reduction, but also to wash away the protein and carbohydrate-based microbial nutrient source, to prevent the propagation of microorganisms. When cleaning, use water and detergent, required to achieve high cleanliness, does not affect the corn processing equipment and food quality, but also easy to operate safe sanitation, waste water treatment easy, economical purposes. Corn processing equipment maintenance tips:

When finished using corn processing equipment, it needs to be checked to see whether the normal protective devices, the line is complete, it is best placed in the specified location after its finishing.
Some of the debris from the corn processing equipment that appear to clear sweep, some internal parts checks to see if there are leaks, oil spills and so on.
Of corn processing equipment to refuel timely oil change and check the oil for compliance, and the oil lines clean.

Good corn processing equipment can process out good products, which generally have a certain standard. Food processing machinery, motor driven machine is the main driving force, a food processing enterprises is the most widely used one of the basic equipment, corn processing equipment motor failure, not...