People Have New Requirement About Corn Processing Eqipment Technology and Development

With the continuous development of industry, industrial land is increasing, occupied a large number of cultivation land. Therefore, it is necessary to make use of corn processing equipment. Corn processing equipment can be used to produce more kinds of food and industrial supplies, which expands value of corn as the planting area shrinks. People’s living standard increases demands for more diversity of food, which requires constant improvement of the new technology. CORN PROCESSING EQUIPMENT is also growing up.

Maize flour can be divided yellow and while. It contains lecithin, VE, fiber with the function to decrease blood pressure, blood fat and prevent cancer. It is also healthcare for diabetes patient. There are two main milling technologies for the corn processing equipment: one in which the grain is directly ground without any pre-processing and one in which the grain undergoes a number of pre-processing stages prior to milling. The former milling technology yields whole meal which contains both the bran and germ, while the latter one yields a large range of products including partly or fully de-germed meals called respectively bolted and super-sifted meals.

The second corn processing equipment technology is used in roller mills where the maize undergoes a series of pre-processing stages which include cleaning, tempering, de-germing, sifting, reduction, etc. Corn processing equipment can produce a number of maize products for various food preparations. The composition of some of these products and the milling yields are shown in table IV.2. The range of products generally varies from one corn processing equipment to another depending on market requirements. The extraction rate of the dry milled products is approximately 80 per cent.

In general, the majority of the output comprises prime quality grits or meals with a fat content of less than 1.0 per cent. A small proportion of the output is made up of lower quality fines or flour with a fat content of...