Unit 502 Promote Professional Development

Unit 502 Promote Professional Development

1. Explain the importance of continually improving knowledge and practice

The meaning of professional development is a planned process in which staff is supported to improve skills and knowledge through careful neutering and guidance from their direct line manager. Professional development will not only benefit the staff member but their direct line manager, the organisation and their direct team members, the benefits of professional development can include:-

    • Staff members moral and the feeling of being valued
    • The sharing of new legislation, guidelines and good practices
    • Sharing of skills between teams and individuals
    • Increased positivity of the company and what the services offer
    • The ability to learn and gain new skills through support and training
    • More potential of gaining promotions within the organisation
    • Safe working practices across teams and services

Professional development is a major part of managing a team and a service, professional development is a process which evidences the service and staffs skills and issues, professional development must be a proactive, forward thinking process which holds great benefits to all. Health and social care environments are generally service focussed rather than product driven, this means that that the people who work within the organisation tend to determine the businesses success. The business success is importantly linked to capabilities and attitudes of the staff and the development and enhancement of knowledge and skills.   Professional development can, therefore be said to be an essential component of an organisations success.

The businesses vision can be supported by the professional development of the staff and the general workforce, in turn the services will be able to meet the challenges within the organisation. Professional development enables the organisation to keep up to date and change proactively so...