Bean Processing Equipment Vulnerable Part

Bean processing equipment has lots of functions. For example, bean cleaning machine for cleaning, bean polishing machine for polishing, bean peeling machine for peeling, bean grinder for milling. During operation, bean processing equipment may have abrasion phenomenon. How to maintain bean processing equipment, especially the vulnerable parts?

Bean processing equipment has its own operation manual. In daily operation and maintenance, we should abide by its manual. Bean processing equipment consists lots of parts, and bearing is the vulnerable part of bean processing equipment. Now, let’s talk about bean processing equipment vulnerable part.

When the inner bearing and the rolling element have serious damage, then they need replacement. When the bearing has abrasion, we can adopt welding tractor method to repair BEAN PROCESSING EQUIPMENT vulnerable part. Before welding, we should preheat the bearing and the inner bore of the end cap to 150-250℃. We usually adopt J507Fe welding rod. The inner bore of the end cap usually uses electrode for cast iron. After welding, we should bury it into the dry lime powder for cooling to avoid cold brittleness. During welding and repairing, we should pay attention to the following points:

1) The concentricity adjusted value is no more than 0.015mm to avoid increasing noises and heating vibration during high-speed running.

2) When the motor journal 40mm, it can adopt full overlaying method. This is decided by the bearing transmission force under the output power. No matter which kind of overlaying method, it should adopt interrupted electrode manipulation and symmetry welding in case of too large welding stress and big change of concentricity.

3) In lathe processing, the roughness of the motor shaft turning should be around 3.2 under 11KW. We can use grinder for fine processing after 11KW motor shaft turning so as to ensure the quality. When the rotor and the roller separate, we can use heat resisting 502 adhesives...