Conflict Resolution

Conflict Resolution Course Work
  * Employee conflict in the workplace is a common occurrence, resulting from the differences in employees' personalities and values. Mike and John are both different ages and stages of their career and have personalities creating conflict potential. When employees fail to understand or accept the differences in each other's personalities, problems arise in the workplace.   They also have different communications styles that could have led to poor communication causing conflict. Finally they do the same job therefore there is a possibility of workplace competition causing conflict.
  * Although the most obvious sign of the conflict is the argument between the colleagues there may have been signs before this. Unfortunately there is not enough background information given about the history, however it could be speculated that someone could have left the role before John and therefore was unhappy in their role and relationships at work.   I would hope as a manager I would have been able to identify and resolve this conflict before it got to this stage.   However the role might also be new, if this is the case Mike might be used to working on his own and therefore might feel he does not need any help.     This could have included a meeting that turns into a stand-off or angry emails to each other.   However due to Mikes personality the conflict could have been harder to discover - for example, Mike have withdrawn from contact with John however from John perspective this is normal behaviour from Mike. Any change from normal behaviour could be a sign of conflict or an issue therefore I would consider this as a sign.
  * Sign of conflict -When John finally appears, Mike tells him he's not going to cover for him anymore and there is an argument.
  * The cost of this conflict might already be taking place through a loss of productively, motivation and them not willing to work for each other.   John stating ‘Just do your Job’ could be a...